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This template uses Module:Infobox, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

Script error: No such module "Infobox". This template provides a uniform design for tool pages.

{{3rd Party Tool
| title= 
| image= 
| author= 
| platform= 
| programming language= 
| version= 
| date= 
| size= 
| license= 
| source available= 
| minecraft version= 
| nether support= 
| end support=
| forum= 
| website= 
| notes= 
Parameter Function Default value
title Optional value to use a different name instead of the page name {{BASEPAGENAME}}
image Image/Icon of the tool (200 px) {{{title}}}.png if it exists, otherwise No image.svg (linking to the page where to upload the missing image)
author The author(s) of the tool ?
platform What platforms the tool works on. Use {{OS}} ?
programming language What programming language is the program written in? ?
version The tool's current version ?
date The date the tool was released ?
size The tool's filesize ?
license What license is the tool under? ?
source available Has the source code been released? ?
minecraft version What version(s) of Minecraft does it support? ?
nether support Does it support The Nether? None
end support Does it support The End? None
forum The tool's MC forum link None
website The tool's website None
notes Any notes about the tool None

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