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This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Şablon:Belgelendirme for more information

A template to make the Mods page tables easier to edit, interchangeable with raw wikitable code. Expects to be used in a table as shown below. Not compatible with the Server Mods table, could be used for the Mod Packs table by abusing the api parameter.


name - the name of the mod
description - a brief description
version - the mod's latest version number
forum - URL of the relevant forum thread
website - URL of the mod's website; not to be used for direct download links
minecraft version - the latest version of Minecraft the mod is compatible with ({{v}} is not needed)
api - which modding API (such as ModLoader or Forge) is required, if any
author - the name of the mod's creator
smp - whether or not the mod will work in multiplayer

Example usage:

{| class="wikitable collapsible" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"
! colspan="8" | List of Mods
! width="80px" | Name
! class="unsortable" width="500px"| Description
! class="unsortable" width="50px" | Version
! class="unsortable" width="60px" | Link
! width="50px" | [[Version history|Latest Release]]
! width="50px" | Requires API
! width="65px" | Author
! width="40px" | SMP 
| name = My mod
| description = A mod that does stuff. 
| version = 0.9
| forum = http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/my-mod-thread/
| website = http://www.my-mod.example.com/ 
| minecraft version = 1.2.5
| api = {{tc|yes|ModLoader}}
| author = me
| smp = {{tc|No}}


List of Mods
Name Description Version Link Latest Release Requires API Author SMP
My mod A mod that does stuff. 0.9



1.2.5 N/A me N/A