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This is a draft for the wiki rules.
However, the author doesn’t speak Turkish. Any help on translation is welcome.

These rules apply to all users of Turkish Minecraft Wiki.

Main rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. All materials that are posted on this wiki project should be about Minecraft, related topics, or this project’s work.
  2. Publishing materials that violate Minecraft Terms of Service or copyright is not allowed. If it is needed to publish material that would violate copyright, it must be shown as a quote with attribution of the author or owner.
  3. Any actions that can be defined as vandalism are prohibited.
  4. Publishing materials that are proved to be false or may mislead users is prohibited.
  5. Publishing materials that are intended for advertisement or propaganda by any cause is considered “spam” and prohibited.
  6. Uncivil behavior towards other users and usage of obscene words is not tolerated.

Article editing rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

Article naming[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. The first word in the name begins from a capital letter; the capitalization of other words is determined according to the Turkish language rules.
  2. An article’s name should sum up the article’s content and be concise.
  3. If multiple variants of a name exist, the most correct and common variant must be chosen; redirects from other names may be created using #YÖNLENDİRME [[Main article]].
  4. An article’s name should be written in Turkish language if possible. Foreign-language names are allowed for articles on modifications, Mojang AB sites and employees, terms and other word combinations that can’t be translated to Turkish language due to the following reasons: the term or word combination in question doesn’t exist in Turkish language, Turkish analog isn’t wide-spread or established, Turkish analog incorrectly translates the term or word combination’s meaning.
  5. An article’s name should not contain a category the article belongs to. Examples of wrong names: Mods: Single Player Commands and Sites: Minecraft.net.
  6. If a user thinks that the name doesn’t conform to the article naming rules, they should begin a discussion about renaming similarly to the deletion discussion process with placing the {{Rename}} template on top of the article, specifying reasons for renaming and optionally a correct alternative name.
  7. A user can rename an existing article if its name needs to be changed using the “Rename” link on top of the page, and also correct the links via the “Tools → What links here” link on the sidebar.
    1. If the original name is not correct and doesn’t pose any value, the checkbox “Leave a redirect” must be unchecked.
    2. If a user did an incorrect rename, they may be warned or have their account blocked. See also Violation of the rules point 4.

Article content[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. Article content should be written in Turkish language.
    1. This excludes quotes that can’t be translated if the translation may cause a misinterpretation of the quote’s sense.
  2. Articles should be written in scientific tone from a third person view. If a reference to readers is needed (though not recommended), the pronoun “you” should be used.
  3. The text should be easy to understand for other readers. Grammatical and spelling errors are not allowed.
  4. An article should broadly cover its topic, showing all available aspects of its subject. On the other hand, it should not have deviations from its topic.
  5. Articles on topics that had not been proved to warrant a separate article may be deleted or merged with other articles. See also Notability.
  6. The presence of suspections or speculations without confirming facts should be minimal. If unconfirmed information is required, it must be clearly marked as unconfirmed.
  7. Information should be easily verifiable — you should provide links to sources using tags <ref></ref> and the {{Reflist}} template.
  8. Articles should be categorized — they should have categories like [[Category:Mobs]] set at the very end.
  9. Articles should have interwiki links pointing to other language sections. This can be done by placing links like [[en:Chicken]] or [[en:Huhn]] at the very end of the article. Interwikis are set on separate lines, sorted alphabetically by language code.
  10. Articles should adhere to the accepted standards of formatting and structuring. See also Style guide.

Writing articles[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. Before editing or creating an article it is good to examine other language sections of Minecraft Wiki. But don’t forget that other people can make mistakes too: foreign-language sections are not the absolute truth.
  2. When writing a large new article it is recommended to create it in your personal user space (Kullanıcı:User/Article name; see also User space rules) and moved to the main space only after finishing. The same applies to translations.
  3. Edit warring is forbidden. If you think that other user is insisting on their incorrect variant of an article, write arguments against their version on their user talk page (Kullanıcı mesaj:User name). Try to develop a correct variant that will be suitable for both users or refer to administrators.
  4. Remarks like “Article is incomplete“ or “help plz” in the article’s text are not allowed. If needed, use the {{Msgbox}} template or any standard notice template.
  5. Minecraft Wiki articles don’t have owners — all users are equal in their rights. Authorship marks or signatures in the text are not allowed, as are first-person pronouns.

Article deletion[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. An article may be deleted if it is found to violate the rules (see also Violation of the rules point 1) or due to other reasons, with accordance to the process below.
  2. An article may be requested for deletion if a reason for this action is shown. Unless the article violates the rules, the user who requested this action should provide definitive argumentation for this.
  3. If an article meets speedy deletion criteria, it may be deleted using a simplified process without additional discussion.
  4. In order to request an article for deletion, a user must use the {{Delete}} template. Unless the reason is that the page meets speedy deletion criteria (set with speedy=criterion template parameter), the user should begin a new topic on the talk page. The topic should have a title indicating that the page is requested for deletion (like Request for deletion - ~~~~~[1]), and the user should provide reasons for deletion (for example, a rule that the page violates) and their signature (see also Discussion rules). After a discussion that would provide arguments for and against deletion, privileged users should examine these arguments and decide whether the page should be deleted or not.

Discussion rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

Discussion formatting[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. Talk pages should be used for discussion regarding the associated page.
  2. User’s talk pages should be used for discussion regarding the user’s actions and for personal messages.
  3. Community portal’s talk page should be used for discussion regarding topics that do not relate to other wiki pages.
  4. Discussions are grouped into topics. Discussion topics are created using level two headers (== Transition issues (EN) ==).
  5. Your comment should be placed on a new line at the end of topic. When replying to another user’s message, indentation must be increased using colons :. If the last indentation is too big, it is allowed to rewind to the left border using {{Outdent}}. You can also rewind to the left border (without {{Outdent}}) when asking a new question on the topic.
  6. Necessarily sign your messages with four tildes ~~~~. Upon saving, these symbols will be replaced with your signature and timestamp of the save.

Discussion content[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. Users should stick to the commonly accepted rules of ethical behavior, without disrespect, ad hominem, accusing opponents of lying or intentionally misinterpreting the facts.
  2. Discussions should be led using correct and verifiable facts.
    1. A position like “this is so because it is” or “this can’t be because it can’t” is not considered an argumented position, and in this case other users have the right to leave the discussion.
  3. Decisions are defined not by votes of the majority, but by argumented discussions between people who are qualified in the topic and interested in establishing a consensus or compromise. Votes and pollings are not forbidden, but must be used with caution and can’t pose an alternative to discussions.
  4. Discussion participants must clearly specify and justify their opinion in the beginning and not insist on it if opposing participants proved their incorrectness using arguments. If the discussion has been ended, the losing party, if any, must not continue a fruitless discussion without any facts.
  5. If a complicated and unobvious discussion has taken place, the solution must be found by the consensus of administrators.

User rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. ...

User space rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. ...

Violation of the rules[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. A page that violates the rules may be corrected with accordance to them, deleted, moved to its creator’s user space (see also [[#User space rules|]]) or restored to last stable revision based on the character of violation.
  2. A discussion that violates the rules may be corrected, moved or deleted.
  3. Accounts with names that violate user naming rules may be indefinitely blocked. The owner may request a rename of their account if it would be proved that it is their account, after what the rename would be managed by Curse.
  4. If a user violates the rules, they may get a warning or be blocked for a time period which depends on the scale and character of rule violation, ranging from a few hours to indefinitely.
  5. Secondary accounts used to evade blocks or to violate other rules will be indefinitely blocked. See also User rules.

Amendments[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. ...

References[düzenle | kaynağı değiştir]

  1. The symbols ~~~~~ will be replaced on save with date and time of the edit. See also Discussion rules.
Most of the rules are adapted from this revision of the Russian Minecraft Wiki Rules with changes.