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Transition issues (EN)[kaynağı değiştir]

I don’t speak Turkish so I will use English (and myself I am Russian). Don’t be offended.

The transition of Turkish translation project to a separate wiki was managed badly. First of all, the articles didn’t get their correct names. For example, the article about Stone (Taş in Turkish) is still named Stone/tr, but should be Taş. Part of the problem originated in the English wiki when a normal translation linking system like on the FTB Wiki hasn’t been created. This also applies to templates. Second, that specific article about Stone still contains some English text (together with translated content), and I suspect many other articles have the same problem. Third, the links to project’s central pages like rules and guidelines, administrator’s noticeboard, projects and important articles weren’t translated, and some of the pages themselves (and the Community portal too) hasn’t been even created in the first place. How are you going to coordinate the project’s work without them?

That being said, I support appointing LambayaFunfDe, who was active in the Turkish translation project earlier, as an administrator. LambayaFunfDe, I hope you can do everything to make the Turkish wiki actually a wiki that satisfies the requirements of being a source of information about Minecraft in its language.

— NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 08:08, 18 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

If you want to discuss stuff with me in real time I am available on IRC: #NickTheRed37 (personal channel) and #ruminecraftwiki (channel of Russian Minecraft Wiki). As an experienced member of Minecraft Wiki, I may give hints and guidelines regarding wiki management. You can also contact me by email. I would be glad to help this project. — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 08:14, 18 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
LambayaFunfDe is already appointed as an administrator and will get according rights here as soon as they log in for the first time. | violine1101 (mesaj) 20:28, 18 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
I am working on a draft for the wiki rules. Kullanıcı:NickTheRed37/Turkish Wiki Rules. Unlike other sections, this draft is going to be based on the larger and broader Russian wiki rules, not English ones. Because I don’t speak Turkish language, any help with translation is welcome. — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 09:04, 19 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
I probably wouldn't worry too much about establishing wiki rules at the moment, there's not really anyone to enforce rules on, and most rules are obvious and universal anyway. I'd proposal that the potential Turks should establish their own rules as they see fit. -Xbony2 (mesaj) 12:31, 19 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
I agree. You should not set rules for a community you're not part of. You can help with setting the wiki up, if you want to, of course. | violine1101 (mesaj) 18:03, 19 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
That’s just a base that will be corrected by suggestion of Turkish users; their assistance would be needed anyway since I don’t speak the language. Personally I think that the new users appear to be simple translators without any knowledge of administrating a wiki (correct me if I’m wrong), and I’m just providing guidance until a natural administration is formed. They need a way to go along. Myself I suggest establishing an IRC channel akin to the Russian wiki (#trminecraftwiki?), that would faciliate cooperation between members of this infant wiki project. — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 06:00, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
According to user profile and list of administrators, LambayaFunfDe is not an administrator yet! Majr, can you appoint him? — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 06:03, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
LambayaFunfDe, Meka33 and MustaphaTR, welcome to the Turkish Minecraft Wiki! I am here to assist the development of the Turkish wiki until it gets a solid base with a professional administration, community portal, established guidelines and a large and experienced community of editors (good thing that Turkey has a population of about 80 million people). — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 06:00, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

— LambayaFunfDe (mesaj | TR) 08:08, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Actually I was started to project as a normal member. It was just for improve my English and I ilke the game and page.. But then it suddenly Grow up. I wasnt ever been an admin on any page. And I don't know what to do for real. Just tell me where should I translate. I am trying to translate smaller pages for grow the page faster. About the "Taş" page, I realised that problem before project is over I was going to take a look at them, I will check uncompleted pages again.
By the way I need a help with templates. As you see in "Eşyalar" or "İksircilik" pages, they look weird. I took a look at "inventory slot" template and it is lua-Based one. It is too confusing I couldn't get how to translate it.
And NickTheRed37 am i admin or not I don't see any more permissions than a normal user.
So, how should i write Admin noticeboard, guidelines and other central pages ? Just translate them or specialize them for this wiki?
Should i use Turkish in here?
You will get admin rights soon (Majr has to give them to you). It only means that you can protect and delete pages. Also you can edit all protected pages if you're an Administrator. You're still a normal editor, but you have some advanced rights to manage the wiki.
As this is the Turkish wiki, yes, the usual language here should be Turkish. However, because NickTheRed37, Xbony2 and myself don't speak Turkish, this specific discussion is in English.
I'd say the first step is to move all the pages with the /tr suffix to a translated page title. Then, a bot can fix all the links and remove the project template. After that, we'll make sure that all templates work and the pages look alright.
By the way, please sign your posts with ~~~~ so we know who the message is from. | violine1101 (mesaj) 10:03, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
(edit conflict) Hello. First of all, signatures are placed after the messages, not before as you did. Next, regarding your user status, you are in the “directors” usergroup on the English wiki, but not yet an admin on this wiki. Majr (the main Minecraft Wiki admin and a Curse employee) didn’t bother to grant you this status for some reason.
Each wiki has its own unique specificities. Basing off a specific wiki (whether English or Russian) is the simplest way, but then it is possible to adapt the translated content to the specific features of this wiki. As I said, I am myself creating a draft for wiki rules based on Russian wiki rules page (it is more broad than English rules), but it must be verified, translated and accepted by the Turkish community.
As I have also said multiple times, I don’t speak Turkish language, so at the very minimum my help would be technical like Ivan-r’s help on the Polish wiki. But unlike Ivan-r (he is an admin on the Russian wiki), I have better knowledge of English, so I can freely communicate with those people who also speak it. You can use Turkish on this page, but I won’t be able to understand it without the aid of an online translating tool and some pages on Turkish grammar at Wikipedia.
Also I have a good knowledge of Lua and templates (I have myself created or translated a lot of modules and some templates for Russian Minecraft Wiki), so I can also help on this topic.
A good way to coordinate work is to communicate over an IRC channel, because it allows real time conversation. #trminecraftwiki Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time for wiki editing, so I will now be unavailable for some time. — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 10:08, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
You cannot grant rights to someone who has never logged in to the wiki. Because LambayaFunfDe as far as I know didn't log in until yesterday, Majr simply wasn't able to make them an admin here before. | violine1101 (mesaj) 10:34, 20 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
Hey, sorry to dump admin on you, but you were the only active translator at the time. Don't worry about it though, since the wiki is just starting out, there's not going to be much admin tasks to do. It looks like we've picked up a few other editors, so if you feel you don't want to be an admin, there should be other options.
Since this is a new community starting, these are the sort of things you should start discussing for yourselves. As I don't speak the language, I cannot judge the quality of people's contributions, and if I were to choose other admins, you may not agree with the decision. --Majr (mesaj) 11:54, 21 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)